XUC™ Insert

An Alternative Option to Balance the Knee

The concept of ultra-congruent inserts is published in multiple studies to have comparable clinical results in knee score, ROM, and survival rate with both CR and PS designs. Base on the rationale of PCL sacrificed but accepts CR femoral component, the ultra-congruent insert provides the essential knee stability with the prominent anterior lip and deep dished conforming articulating surface. Thus provides an alternative option to deal with PCL loosening.1-4  

PCL sacrifized without femoral box preparation
● More time saving
● More bone preserved

The United XPETM technology
The use of highly cross-linked UHMWPE reinforces insert longevity.

More conforming articulating surface

● Greater contact area reduces loading on each subsurface, further decreases insert wear.
● Enhanced M/L conformity provides more rotational stability.
● Enhanced rotational stability allow I/E rotation  ± 6°.

Higher prominent anterior lip
● Prevent the femoral component from subluxation.3
● Reduce anterior sliding by maintaining the femoral placement throughout ROM


“One up / one down” Size Paring
The femoral component congruent with the XUC insert with both one upper and one lower sizes to fit more patients’ need.

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