U2™ Knee System

The Spirit of U2 Knee - Preciseness, Safety and Durability
The intercondylar removal volume of U2 PS knee is as low as 5.7 cm3 (size 6). The 30% reduced volume and the narrow 18 mm intercondylar width preserve the bone stock. This design also prevents from the periprosthetic distal condyle fracture.


To prepare the precise box space, the intercondylar notch is made by reaming instead of cutting. The stopper on the reamer minimizes the risk of tibial damage.


U2 knee achieves 155° ROM with resection thickness of 9 mm in distal and posterior condyles. The ROM fulfills daily activities of patients with high standard of motion safety.


Femoral / Tibial Contact

The large 70 / 72 mm consistent radii in the coronal plane provide optimal contact area in the femorotibial articulation and reduce the contact stress of XPE and UHMWPE insert.

Enhanced Axial Rotation

A matched “round to round” spine and box contact mechanism avoids corner impingement while rotating. The ±12.5° I / E rotation conforms to the natural conditions.

Jumping Distance Safety

A refined spine and cam mechanism minimizes the risk of dislocation at maximum ROM.

PS Notch Width Consistency

The consistent 18 mm intercondylar width provides full interchangeability between femoral and tibial sizes.

Tibial Insert Design

The built-in 5° posterior slope of the insert enhances the ROM and restores the natural morphology of tibial plateau.


Wear Resistance of XPE versus
Traditional UHMWPE


New Technology of E-XPETM Insert
E-XPETM insert provides enhanced wear resistance without compromising on oxidative stability and mechanical properties.2-4


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