U2 MBC™ Knee

Mobile Bearing Congruent Rotation Platform

● High Conforming design allows Cruciate Retaining or Sacrificing
● Dual-surface articulation between a polyethylene insert and the femoral component and tibial tray improved the mobility characteristics and gait patterns


U2 CR Femoral Component
● 6 sizes (right / left), CoCrMo alloy
● Cemented / Porous type
● 4° patella groove
● Extended deep patella groove provides stable patellofemoral tracking even in high flexion
● Eliminate box cut to reduce femur fracture


Mobile-bearing Tibial Baseplate

● 6 Sizes, CoCrMo alloy
● Cemented type
● Highly mirror-polished platform reduces the backside wear



Ultra-congruent Insert

● UHMWPE tibial insert available in 6 sizes, 5 thickness (9, 11, 13, 15, 18 mm)
● Central stopper enhances joint M/L stability and also allows 4.5 degrees hyperextension
● Higher anterior lip to prevent femoral paradoxical anterior sliding


Congruent Condylar Surface
Conforming inserts to increase contact area and reduce PE wear3

I/E Rotation
Unidirectional A/P wear pattern on the bearing surface and circular rotation on the under surface. Unidirectional motion is known to produce low wear.4

Component Size Pairing Table
The femoral component and the insert need to be in the same size and the mating baseplate should not be more  than one size down to avoid overhanging while rotating

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Surgical Protocol  Brochure