UTS™ Stem



The UTSTM Hip Stem – ideal for the direct anterior approach for total hip replacement – is a tri-tapered wedge short stem suitable for less invasive primary hip replacement surgery. It is designed for easier insertion through smaller incisions and requires simpler femoral preparation, enabling rapid recovery. Shorter stems help to preserve bone and allow for more favorable conditions in future revisions.

Its features include:

Triple Taper Design 
Helps to ensure primary fixation while providing rotational stability.

Bone Preservation
Low profile and shorter length designs helps bone conservation both in greater trochanter and distal canal.

12/14 Neck Taper 
Accommodates a complete selection of femoral heads.

Standard and High Offsets 
Provides anatomical offset options to facilitate soft-tissue tensioning and restore joint mechanics.

Consistent Size Increments
Consistent 1.5 mm increments of stem width enables surgeons to properly size the implant.

Plasma Spray Coating
Improves biological fixation.

Stem Flutes 
Provides channel for blood flow and debris while reducing stem stiffness.

Updated Instrumentations
The UTS stem system unique designed instrumentations enable many surgical approaches as the surgeon needs.

EM alignment guide and anteversion indicator on broach handle can allow surgeons to confirm the femoral axis.

Surgical Protocol  Brochure