UCP™ Stem


UCP Stem is designed with clinically proven philosophies to reproduce excellent outcomes. Cement friendly profile, including polished surface and tri-tapered geometry, reduce shear stress on cement. Collarless design and various insertion depth options allow surgeon to balance leg length with ease. The stem is made by CoCrMo material to provide strong fatigue strength. UCP stem is available with offset variants and stem length options to deal with a wide variety of clinical challenges. 

1. 12/14 Morse taper is compatible with CoCrMo metal head and BIOLOX® delta ceramic head

2. Various leg length adjustment option

3. Mirror-polished surface finish to protect cement from breakage

4. Made from CoCrMo to provide strong fatigue strength

5. Specially designed centralizer allow stem creeping to stable position

6. Cement Restrictor

7. Available in both Standard and high offset option to better restore joint biomechanics

8. Tri-tapered design to increase torsional stability and to reduce stresses on cement mantle

9. Revision long stem option:
180, 210, and 230 mm long stem options indicate for proximal bone loss cases 

Surgical Protocol