U2™ Revision Stem

Titanium Alloy
The elastic modulus of titanium alloy is close to cortical bone, thus decreasing stress shielding effect, bone resorption, and thigh pain.

Titanium Plasma Spray
Extensively coated stem increases the possibility of bone in-growth or on-growth throughout stem length, which provides long-term stability of implant

80 mm Straight and 230 mm Curve Stem Options
The standard 180 mm length enables diaphyseal fixation to meet most patient need. The curved 230 mm stem addresses more bony deficiency and anatomically fits the canal with an anterior bowed shape to prevent cortical impingement and intraoperative shaft fracture. Distal diameters Offered in 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.5, and 18 mm adapts a variety of anatomies

Shortened Stem Offset
Due to soft tissue scarring or contracture induced by previous surgeries, U2 revision stem is designed with a short offset than primary implant to facilitate joint reduction

Proximal Tri-Wedge Geometry
The three-dimensional tapered profile of U2 revision stem provides rotational and axial stability and benefits load distribution

Polished Bullet Tip
The bullet shape avoids distal cortical impingement and related thigh pain.

Surgical Protocol