Excellent Wear Performance
    Without the Risk of Oxidation

United E-XPETM enhanced wear resistance, oxidative stability and mechanical properties without the compromises of the 
re-melt polyethylene.

Enhanced Oxidative Stability
Antioxidant Vitamin E provides long-term oxidative protection by stabilizing
the free radicals.1 E-XPETM minimizes the potential of in vivo oxidation.
Even after accelerated aging, E-XPETM still retains oxidative stability.2,3

Superior Wear Resistance
Optimal radiation dosage improves the wear resistance of E-XPETM over HXLPE products. Comparing to HXLPE, E-XPETM liner and insert performed 75% and 60%
reduction respectively in gravimetric wear after accelerated aging

Preserved Mechanical Properties
E-XPETM retained the mechanical strength as high as UHMWPE and with even 20% more strength comparing to HXLPE.9


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