1. We want you!

    It is not just a job about working in United Orthopedic Corporation (UOC), it is about an environment that you can achieve your dream, a place that you can share happiness and accomplishment with colleagues. We care about our employees and dedicate in creating circumstances for every employee to grow together. The core values of our company include Integrity, Responsibility, Happiness, and Innovation. We sincerely wish you could join us and experience our enthusiasm and family-like working environment.

  2. About UOC

    Our company

    UOC was founded in 1993, since that, we dedicated in improving health and benefits for all human kind. The major businesses of our company are research, development and manufacturing of human artificial joints. Due to population aging, both market value and related techniques of medical industry has been improved. Patients with bone and joint diseases could relieve their pain, restore their ability of routine movement, prolong and enjoy their life by using our products.

    Our businesses

    The expansion of research and development, manufacturing and market share of UOC is still ongoing. We are also the pioneer of artificial hip and knee joints in Taiwan and provide new products for diverse clinical indications countinuosly. All we try to do is to provide best prosthetic design to the patient for optimized clinical results and reduce medical service cost for kindly medical environment.

    Market perspective

    Because of population aging and extension of human life span, human artificial joint product is a still growing market with great potential in medical industry. The product of UOC until the end of 2013 has been implanted more than 160 thousand cases worldwide with clinical satisfaction. We have already received more than 20 sale permissions by local government in the world. The market share of UOC is growing constantly and stably.

    Focus on R&D

    Our R&D team is well experienced at implant design and instrument development through discussing with clinical surgeons continuously, understanding the needs of patients, attending international conferences. We dedicated in product innovation in order to benefit the human society.

  3. Working atmosphere

    With joyful working atmosphere, our experienced seniors will help new employee to get involved in UOC family. We truly hope you could work happily, enjoy life, keep praising and encouraging others, pursuit a better society with us.

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